3 Inch Copper Infused Hybrid Topper, Flip for Firm or Plush Sleep.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE COMFORT AND SUPPORT: The unique design offers two types of foam which allows you to choose your ideal comfort. Flip the topper on the copper infused memory foam for a cool, restorative plush feeling. Flip on the support foam side which features a firmer sleeping surface. Quality topper is durable - maintaining its shape, resisting sagging and settling and won’t flatten out over time.
  • UNIQUE HYBRID DESIGN: The center of the topper features hundreds of individually wrapped springs that flex to provide support in any sleeping position. The copper infused memory foam on one side gives cool and clean, revitalizing sleep to help increase vitality. There’s no sinking, no overheating, and no noise or lumps.
  • PERFECT SLEEPING TEMPERATURE: Individually wrapped spring coils allow for greater airflow while premium copper performance foams provide advanced cooling and continuous circulation, helping you maintain your ideal sleeping temperature all night long.
  • PRESSURE RELIEF: Promotes proper spinal alignment, conforming to your body’s contours for a personalized feel.  Pocketed springs flex individually to provide enhanced pressure relieving support for any sleep position while our cushioning performance foams help prevent aches and pains helping you to fall sleep faster and stay asleep longer.
  • NATURALLY FRESH: Topper features highly conductive copper infused gel that regulates your body’s temperature for uninterrupted sleep.  Copper is resistant to smells and helps rejuvenate your body so you wake up fresh and ready to start the day. All CertiPUR-US foam with NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: No formaldehyde and low VOCs, (which can possibly worsen asthma, cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea).

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